Leopard Tortoises:

The leopard tortoise is a variety of tortoise that originates from sub-saharan Africa and has also been seen in areas such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia and Namibia. The scientific name for the leopard tortoise is Geochelone Pardalis. A leopard tortoise is known for its distinctive yellow and black carapace.

Leopard Tortoises have been kept as pets for many years and is one of the most common species of pet tortoise's. The average size to which an adult leopard tortoise will grow is around 17inches/40-50cms long and can weigh an average of 40pounds/18Kg, with exceptional cases the leopard tortoise has been known to grow up to 60cms/2ft long and weigh around 80lbs/36Kg. The general length of time that your tortoisvecan live is around fifty years.

Please use the 'Tortoise Care Sheet' links located below, in order to find more information on every aspect of keeping Tortoise's as pets.

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