The Leopard Gecko is a floor dwelling reptile that originates from Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The scientific name of a gecko is Eublepharis macularius which is translated as a combination of the Greek word 'Eu' meaning true and 'blephar' meaning eyelid. This is what distinguishes the gecko from other reptiles as it has eyelids. To translate the rest of the scientific name 'macularius' is derived from the Latin word 'macula' that means either spot or blemish which is referred to the natural look of a spotted gecko.

Leopard Geckos are known for being an excellent pet due to their ability to be handled and the fact that they do not require vast amounts of maintenance. It has been known for Leopard Geckos to live for up to twenty years providing they are cared for and fed correctly; they will normally grow to the size of arou25 20cm-25cm / 8inches-10inches.

Please use the 'Gecko Care Sheet' links located below, in order to find more information on every aspect of keeping Leopard Gecko's as pets.

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