The iguana is a large lizard that is native to central and South America, ranging from countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay. The scientific name for the green iguana literally translates as Iguana Iguana.

Iguanas are a common reptile to keep as a pet although many people do not realise the full potential to which they can grow as iguanas often start out very small when in the pet shop. Iguanas have been known to grow between 4ft and 6ft long a much larger size than when first purchased. Iguanas can also live up to 25 years old if maintained with a healthy diet, their diet must also be coupled with regular exercise from their owner and along with this iguanas also require well maintained housing that is large enough to fit an iguana that can potentially grow to 6ft in length.

Please use the 'Iguanas Care Sheet' links located below,r n order to find more information on every aspect of keeping Iguana's as pets.

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