The corn snake is a variety of snake that can be found in the hillsides of Southeast America. The scientific name for a corn snake is Elaphe Guttata Guttata. A corn snake is a constricting snake and will often suffocate its prey before eating it this happens with corn snake in the wild and those fed live prey in captivity.

Corn snakes are well known for being an excellent pet this is due to their docile nature, the fact that they will rarely bite and they do not require large amounts of maintenance. Corn snakes can grow to around 3-5ft / 1.0 - 1.8mtrs in length and in some cases even six feet long, they have also been known to live from 15-25 years in captivity with good living conditions and the appropriate feeding.

Please use the 'Snakes Care Sheet' links located below, in order toreind more information on every aspect of keeping corn snake's as pets.

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