Leopard Tortoise Feeding:

In order to maintain a healthy leopard tortoise you must make sure that your tortoise is fed the correct food and nutrients, to make sure you are feeding your leopard tortoise correctly we have provided a tortoise feeding guide for you to follow.

Food Type:

The type of food sources that are suitable for you leopard tortoise are predominantly greens such as kale, spinach, greens, brussel tops, parsley and water cress. This type of food will enable your tortoise to gain the neccessary nutrients and vitamins it needs in orde for it to live a long healthy life. You should be vigilant on feeding your tortoise any form of lettuce as it is advised not to do so for the digestion of the tortoise. To help provide variety within your tortoises diet you can feed them friuts such as bananas, tomatoes, melons and grapes as this will give their diet fibre. You should always remember to feed fruit as around 20% of your tortoises diet with greens making up the remaining 80%. You should never feed your leopard tortoise any form of meat as this islikely to cause serious health problems.


Diet Supplements:

To provide extra calcium and vitamins for your leopard tortoise you can add a calcium supplement to your tortoises diet by sprinkling reptavite onto its food around three times a week. This extra boost of vitamins and calcium will be an excellent way to help prevent the onset of diseases like metabolic bone disease that can be caused due to lack of calcium in the tortoiese's diet. Another way to promote a healthy leopar tortoise is to make sure your tortoise is getting enough light within its housing, as UV light provides it with vitamin D3 and also aids the digestion/calcium absorbption process.

Food Size:

The size of the food being offered to your leopard tortoise should be of a size that can be easily digested it may help chopping sum fruit / greens into smaller chunks so that the tortoise can eat the food more easily and digest it quicker.

Feeding Times:

It is advisable that you feed your leopard tortoise daily with a selection of chopped food. The size of the meal that you should feed your tortoise is one that can be eaten completely in five to ten minutes this should be a healthy sized meal and be enough for your leopard tortoise to digest in one tting.



Water is a very important factor in the diet of the Tortoise a large dish of fresh water should be kept in the cage at all times that enables the leopard tortoise to soak in when they feel dehydrated, the bowl should not be large enough so that the tortoise will struggle to get out of the dish and should be replaced daily with fresh water.

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