Leopard Tortoise Buyers Guide:

When Looking to buy a leopard tortoise there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make sure that you select a healthy tortoise, below is an leopard tortoise´s buyer´s guide to help you choose the right tortoise.

Buyers Tips:

In order to make sure that you are buying a healthy leopard tortoise you can firstly inspect the manner of the tortoise, it should be lively and active whilst in its housing any signs slow unsteady movement are a good sign that the tortoise may be ill. Any signs of a runny nose, sores around the mouth it is best avoided when lookin to purchase a pet. You should also inspect the skin of the tortoise for any signs of scratches, sores or cuts if you see any signs of them it would be best to avoid purchasing this animal. Also when looking to buyer a leopard tortoise check the surroundings and the current environment that the tortoise is living in as this can often provide answers to the care that has gone into the pet. If there are signs of dirt, unhygienic conditions or are in a cramped environment it is best to avoid purchasing your leopard tortoise from the pet shop.


Buyers Checklist:

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