Snake Buyers Guide:

When Looking to buy an iguana there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make sure that you select a healthy green iguana, below is an iguana´s buyer´s guide to help you choose the right iguana.

Buyers Tips:

When you are buying an iguana you want to make sure that it is healthy and has been looked after and maintained correctly whilst in the hands of the pet shop. Ways in which you can identify if you are looking at a health iguana is to check the eyes of the reptile they should appear to be clear and bright with lots of eye movement. You should also look at the skin of the iguana to check that the reptile has no sores, cuts or wounds on its body as if hthis was the case it would suggest that the animal has not been looked after well. You should also check that the limbs of the iguana you are going to purchase are not deformed as this would imply that the iguana has metabolic bone disease. Another way of ascertaining whether you have a health iguana is to check that there is no sores or puss around its mouth caused by a disease known as mouth rot. To help your decision of whether the animal has been well looked after look into its current cage and see its living conditions, this should help to give you a better picture on the reptiles health as if the environment looks clean and well kept you know that the iguanahas been looked after.


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