Iguana Feeding:

In order to maintain a healthy iguana you must make sure that your iguana is fed the correct food and nutrients, to make sure you are feeding your Iguana correctly we have provided a guide for you to follow below.

Food Type:

As iguanas are strict herbivore creatures and do not eat any forms of meat we have found that iguanas will only eat green leafed food, fruit and vegatables it is advised that you use these food types as a base for your iguanas diet. A captive iguanas diet should contain dark leafy vegatables and avoid basing their diet solely on vegatables that contain oxalates such as spinach, parsley and kales you should use these as a way to vary the iguanas diet. Fruit is an excellent way to add to the variety of the iguanas diet although you should not feed them too much fruit as it could have a negative effect on their calcium levels. Wheg feeding the iguana it would also be a good idea to sprinkle the food lightly with water as this will help to prevent the iguana becoming dehydrated.


Diet Supplements:

To provide extra calcium and vitamins for your iguana you can add a calcium supplement to your iguanas diet by sprinkling reptavite onto the food of your iguana around twice a week. This extra boost of vitamins and calcium will be an excellent way to help prevent the onset of diseases like metabolic bone disease that can be caused due to lack of calcium in the iguanas diet. Another way to promote a healthy iguana you should make sure your iguana is getting enough light within its housing, as UV light provides iguanas with vitamin D3 and also aids the digestion/calcium absorbption process.

Food Size:

As iguanas do not chew their food it is advised that you only feed iguanas finely chopped vegatables, fruit and leaves as this will help them to digest their food easier. As a guide you should make sure that the iguana can eat the chunks of food you have cut it easily.

Feeding Times:

It is advisable that you feed your iguana daily with a selection of finely chopped food as stated above. The size of the meal that you should feed your iguana is one that can be eaten completely in five to ten minutes this should be a healthy sized meal and be enough for the iguana to digest in one sitting.



Water is essential to the iguana's diet and should always be provided with a large dish in the housing of the iguana this will enable the iguana to soak in, to aid their shedding process and always keep the water in the dish clean by changing it daily to prevent your iguana from drinking unclean water. The bathing dish will also add to the humidity of the terrarium providing an excellent environment for the animal to live in.

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