Gecko Buyers Guide:

When Looking to buy a gecko there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make sure that you select a healthy gecko, below is a gecko’s buyer´s guide to help you choose the right gecko.

Buyers Tips:

When selecting your gecko make sure that when you handle a baby/juvenile that they are unpredictable and will move around quickly this suggests that they are active and healthy. If you are handling an adult gecko it is more likely that they have become more tolerant of being handled by humans although you can still look out for signs of good health and alertness by their bright eyes, fat tail and that they look generally well fed and looked after. To help your decision of whether the animal has been well looked after look into its current cage and see its living conditions, this should help to give you pbetter picture on the reptiles health as if the environment looks clean and well kept you know that the gecko has been looked after. If any other geckos were housed together check their health and appearance as if they seem affected there is a good possibility that all of the geckos will be unhealthy.


Buyers Checklist:

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