Frog Feeding:

In order to maintain a healthy red eyed tree frog you must make sure that you tree frog is fed the correct food and nutrients, to make sure you are feeding your frog correctly we have provided a frog feeding guide for you to follow.

Food Type:


In the wild, Red Eyed Tree Frogs will eat a variety of meals including moths, grasshoppers, flies, crickets and even other frogs. The best insects to feed your tree frogs on a regular basis are crickets as they are readily available from pet shops and are an ideal staple diet. Other good sources of food for red eyed tree frogs are mealworms that can be used as an alternative to crickets and can be left in the frogs housing for it to be eaten. As a treat for your frogs you can provide them with wax worms, these are very high in fat and aroyan enjoyable meal to the tree frog. I would advise that you only use the wax worms occasionally for your frog, if this was the main food source your frog would quickly become overweight leading to serious health problems.

Diet Supplements:

You can help to keep your Red Eyed Tree Frog healthy by 'loading' your crickets before you feed them to your frogs. This “gut loading” is done to ensure that the cricket's you are feeding your tree frog are full of vitamins to help the frog’s diet. You can load your crickets by feeding them 24 hours before being put in the frogs housing. A variety of commercial cricket diets are available, or you can feed the crickets with fish food, vegetable peelings or cereal type foods. A water supply should also be provided for the crickets. A jar lid with cotton wool soaked in water is fine (they will drown in an open water dish) pieces of orange segment can be used to provide moisture and vitamin C. remember the better fed the crickets, the more nourishment will get in to your frogs!


Another way of getting vitamins into the diet of your red eyed frog is to 'dust' the crickets with a calcium powder before you feed them to your frog. Products such as Repton or Nutrabol will contain enough calcium and vitamins to adequately provide the correct amount for your frog’s diet. To dust the crickets or insect you are feeding your tree frog, place them in a bag and add any vitamin/calcium products, then shake the bag, this should provide a coating over the insects ready to be placed into the red eyed tree frogs cage. Ideally gut load your crickets all the time and dust with calcium powder a couple of times a week.

Food Size:

The size of the food that you should feed your Red Eye Frog depends very much on the size of the frog you have. As a rough guide I believe that froglets smaller than half an inch should be fed bloodworms or fruitflies with their wings removed. As a rule a cricket should be no larger than the head of your frog this is so that the crickets can be eaten easily you should also increase the amount of crickets you feed the frog depending on it size

Feeding Times:

I would advise that you feed your adult red eye frog every other day with a meal size that can be eaten by the frog in fifteen minutes. Around three to four crickets per feeding should be an adequate amount to satisfy the hunger of your frog. If you have a baby red eye tree frog it would be advised to feed them blood worms, gradually moving to crickets as a juvenile, younger red eye frogs need to be fed more frequently than adults as they will need more food in order to grow.


You should always provide your Red Eye Tree Frog with a large water dish that has enough room for the frog to soak in and always keep the water in the dish clean by changing it daily to prevent your frogs drinking unclean water. The bathing dish will also add to the humidity of the terrarium providing an excellent environment for the animal to live in. Use a good quality aquarium water conditioner to remove chlorine from the tap water every time you add fresh water.

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