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Here at reptiles-info we are dedicated to bringing you reliable information about reptiles and amphibians and how to care for a range of pet reptiles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reptile keeper, this site aims to provide you with useful tips and advice on every aspect of caring for your reptile.

The web site contains guides on the most suitable way to house your reptile and specific healthcare information to help care for your reptiles.


The Categories menu on the left of the page covers a range of popular pet reptiles as well as a selection of frog care information. Each category page links to a series of articles covering guides on how to buy and care for reptiles.

Reptiles-info also contains excellent articles on how to heat your vivarium and provide the correct lighting for your reptiles, plus a selection of interesting reptile facts. We hope you enjoy your visit to and pick up some interesting reptile facts and information to help your care for your pets.



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